Working With Animals During Lockdown
January 5, 2021
Daniel Keeling
At Urban Paws UK we only work with highly trained, reliable and consistent animal models and actors. As such we ensure that any animals put forward for a job is suitable for the role. This reduces the time required on-set and minimising risks to health and safety while working with animals during lockdown.
The UK government has confirmed that film, TV and advertisement production shoots can continue during the National Lockdown as long as “all filming activity is carried out in a COVID secure manner and that industry guidance is rigorously adhered to.
Many of our trained animals are able to work indoors and outdoors without a lead/harness, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
They are also able to record and perform from the safety of their own home with instruction from film crews if preferred.

How Have We Adapted Our Services?

Our animal models and actors are accompanied by a single owner/handler who will wear protective equipment at all times.
All of our animals are able to perform from a distance, allowing plenty of room to distance behind and away from the camera crew. This helps to maintain the safety of all involved.
Animal handlers we work with are instructed with safety guidelines set by Urban Paws UK. This is in alongside safety guidelines/agreements/checklists required by production companies.

Why Are Animals Effective?

Many online and digital stores have enjoyed a large increase in sales since the start of the year as National and local lockdowns have driven many purchases online.
Increased time at home has resulted in a boom in the number of people adopting pets.
This represents not only an increased potential audience for pet-related products but also an increased audience predisposition to promotions featuring animals.

Recent Work

At Urban Paws UK we go above and beyond for our clients. We work with production companies to find the perfect animal for any role. We consider different breeds, skills and requirements to ensure the best results possible.
Our recent credits include work with Dyson, Burberry, PDSA, Jaguar Land Rover and Disney.

Reduced Fees & Buyout

This year has forced many agencies and production companies to reduce their advertising spending. To accommodate this, we are temporarily reducing both booking fees and buyouts.
We’re also looking at ways we can offer additional help to registered Charities who are interested in working with animals during lockdown.
If you would like more information about how we’re adjusting our work practices please get in touch.
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