When Crufts 2020 Met Kratu
March 13, 2020
Daniel Keeling
For many people, Crufts – the international competitive dog show and annual product trade show – can be a little too formal.
With perfectly breed dogs competing against other perfect dogs, all of whom follow their trainers every word.
What most people may not consider is that a lot of the dogs at Crufts are actually having the time of their lives – and perhaps none more so than Kratu the rescue.
2020 marks the third and rumoured final year of Crufts for the crowd favourite Kratu – a Carpathian-Mioritic mix rescue who has his own way of doing things.

The Rescue Agility course at Crufts is delicately arranged, featuring hurdles to jump over, tunnels to run through and other obstacles to master. All designed to showcase the styler and grace of the dogs competing.
While most dogs like to limit themselves to the official route through the agility course, Kratu prefers a less linear approach. This is much to the crowd’s pleasure as he is wildly cheered on. Even the commentators can be heard laughing at Kratu’s unique method for competing.
At one stage of the course, Kratu even decides to reorganise the layout of the track and attempts to move a hurdle, taking a pole along for the ride with him. After picking up one of the poles a commentator can clearly be heard saying “Excuse me, now that is clearly against the rules”.
Kratu (and the audience) definitely have a favourite obstacle. The tunnel. Kratu often seems to go in one end and reemerge from the same end 3 seconds later despite the fact the tunnel barely looks big enough to turn around in.
The March 6th performance at the NEC has already been viewed more than a whopping 1.6 million times, and only .6 million of those have been by us. Kratu certainly knows how to entertain a crowd.
Check out Kratu’s full performance on YouTube: