What is Animal Influencer Marketing and how does it Work?
May 10, 2018

Did you know that one in every three pet owners are millennials? Marketing research has shown that brands receive up to 295% more comments on content with pics of pets, and that the number of likes shoots up by 19%. A close look will reveal that everyone is waking up to the pulling power of pets and Animal Influencers, with companies such as Coca-Cola, Nissan, Sotheby’s or Mercedes-Benz giving into the irresistible appeal of four-pawed friends.


How Often Should You Be Posting?

Although most media allow for automatic sharing, it is important to set a schedule for posting. You will need to know something about algorithms and adapt your strategy accordingly. For instance, the Instagram algorithm has changed this year, meaning that if in the past, the half-life of a post was 72 minutes, these days, posts that are two or three days old will pop up on your followers’ feeds again, which leads to questions regarding whether or not you should be posting more often. Relying on the new algorithm leaves much to fate.

By posting frequently, you can increase the likelihood that users in different time zones will see and share your content. According to Metro.co.uk, the best times to post on Instagram in particular are: Monday 7pm and 10pm, Tuesday 3am and 10pm, Wednesday 5pm, Thursday 7am and 11pm, Friday 1am and 8pm, Saturday 12am and 2am, and Sunday 5pm. These are general times, of course; to obtain more relevant stats for your followers, use a business program and take advantage of analytics information.


Building Loyalty

Customer loyalty (think of your followers as clients) is key to business, but also to social media influence, whenever you are also selling a product or service. For instance, your dog’s social media site may be the perfect way to market related products (think cute doggy clothing, organic skincare products, artwork and the like). Ways to increase engagement through customer loyalty include giving a gift to a specific follower (e.g. ‘follower number 10,000’); providing useful content, arresting images, and expert information; and offering live chats, featuring a special visit by your four-pawed friend, of course.


Investing in Technology

If you take a look at the top pet influencer blogs and media sites, you will notice that they contain rich, beautiful visuals that make your eyes beg for more. While Instagram filters and smartphones have turned every phone owner into a budding photographer, the truth is that professionally taken photos are superior in quality. Issues such as lighting and exposure are key, while the choice of lens will also determine the emotional effect a photograph will relay. Start small but look into apps such as Lapse It (a time-lapse video editing tool), Quik (which allows you to take photos and videos from various sources for a video) or Magisto (which blends raw footage and music). These apps will give your material a more professional touch, but also make them more engaging.

Everybody wants to be an influencer, since it is amazing to think that ‘just being you’ can generate so much interest. The truth, of course, is that it takes a lot of work to build up a loyal following. When it comes to influencing pet lovers, remember that authenticity is key. The love you have for your pet will shine through in every frame so it has to be real from the first moment your eyes meet those of your beloved pet.

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