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May 22, 2018
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The wedding season has officially begun with the Royal Wedding this year. Apparently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set new trend not only about modern monarchy. As Meghan’s own beloved beagle-cross, Guy, rode with the Queen to Windsor and then attended her wedding, he instantly became the True Star of the Royal Wedding.
When the bride is beautiful, the groom handsome, the flowers are stunning, the food is delicious, and guests are ready for the party – there’s one thing missing. YOUR PET! Pet lovers can’t imagine celebrating their special day without their lovely four-legged friends. They would simply miss them too much if they weren’t there. Involving our pets in the wedding is a rapidly increasing common trend and we are not even surprised. Because is there anything more adorable than a dog in a tux or with a flower crown? Or who doesn’t aah and ooh when they see a furry friend walking down the aisle with a wagging tail?

Pets are no longer just pets – we believe all pet-owners treat their pawsome creatures as members of the family so when it comes to planning the wedding they are happy to assign them special roles. Dogs often stand in for the flower girl or ring bearer. And when they are dressed accordingly with an effective top hat, bow-tie or tiara – it’s undoubtedly a picture-perfect wedding moment. They also keep guest happy – they’re just so cute. Dogs, cats, and every other pet will certainly make the photographs more interesting and wonderful. They will add an extra ‘awwww’ factor and will be treasured in the wedding photos fur-ever! Always take into consideration the type of personality your dog has before giving them a specific role. Think whether your pet will enjoy this or will find it a traumatic experience.

As every animal lover knows, pets can be unpredictable and it might not be something you want on the most important day of your life – that is why including your pet to be a part of the ceremony or reception may require initial planning. We are sure you’ll be pleased and delightful to spend your big day in their company though.



Here are some tips to help you involving your dog in your wedding:

1. Choosing your wedding place is a very important step as it’s necessary to find the pet-friendly venue. Imagine showing up at your own wedding with your pet, and being told that animals are not allowed on the property. Once the place is sorted, make sure there will be a bowl of water and food available and an easy exit if they start barking. Think about taking your pet to your venue before That Day so they can get used to the new place.

2. Decide to what part of the ceremony you would like your dog to attend. We suggest to take them to the ceremony but not the reception, as receptions tend to be overwhelming.

3. Another thing to add to your ‘pets at wedding’ to-do list is to notify your photographer that you would like to include your pet in the family wedding portrait, so they will have a chance to prepare some fun photography ideas involving your pet and capture them in action.

4. Suggestion to anyone planning on having the pooch as part of the big day is to make sure you have assigned someone to look after them and will be with them at all times throughout the ceremony. This will help you to focus on ‘getting married’ moment and relieve any pressure you might feel to make sure that your pet behaves properly and feels well. Ask a reliable friend or family members who can be the designated dog-minder for the day or consider hiring a friendly and trusted pet sitter. There has to be someone keeping pooch away from chocolate! Also, try to arrange a quiet place or book a room where your pet can rest – but remember to not leave them alone.

5. Safty over style. If you’re planning to dress up your little ones, make sure it fits properly and doesn’t create any discomfort for them so they can enjoy your day. Keep it simple and ensure that any accessories won’t pose a choking hazard and flowers or plants being used at your wedding are non-toxic to your pet.

6. Don’t forget to inform your guests in advance about your pet being a part of the day. Put the information on your wedding save-the-day cards or invitations as a warning to anyone with allergies or scared of dogs.

Having pets involved in your wedding is a great and memorable experience if they are important in your life. Let them be with you at this special moment. Nothing will keep you cool more than a cuddle from your beloved doggy or kitty when last minutes nerves and stresses hit you.

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