The UK’s best loved cat breeds
March 21, 2019

As a nation of animal lovers, it’s no surprise that cats make such popular pets but which cat breeds are the most sought after in the UK?

Number 5: Maine Coons 


Maine Coons are highly intelligent, high energy hunting experts, who boast a lovely thick coat. They have characteristic ear tufts and a gentle loving nature. With a repertoire like this, it’s no wonder that the Maine Coon made the top five breeds.

As one of the oldest cat breeds, the Persian remains a popular favourite, taking the 4th spot. It is no mystery as to why this breed is so well loved, with a sweet, quiet nature accompanied by a luscious long coat and expressive eyes, their charm is irresistible.

Fighting it out between 2nd and 3rd place are two rather recent breeds of cat, both of which were only recognised as cat breeds in the 1990s!


Number 3: Ragdoll


Ragdolls come in at number 3, thanks to their tolerant and laid-back nature as well as their gorgeous bright blue eyes and their beautiful silky coats. Despite only recently being recognised as a cat breed, it’s understandable how the breed has become so popular in such a short amount of time.


Number 2: Bengal


In 2nd place, just being pipped at the post, is the Bengal, again another recent addition to recognised cat breeds. Due to their playful and sociable nature, and their stunning coats and wild cat appearance, it is very easy to see why this intelligent breed is adored.


Number 1 – British Shorthair


Coming out on top, as the most popular cat breed in the UK and keeping in line with the best of British, it’s the British Shorthair.  With a playful sweet temperament that’s perfect for families, paired with their cute round faces, it’s clear as to why we are strongly affectionate towards this breed.


Pet Talent


Cats are not only popular as pets, but they are also widely used in the world of marketing. Whether that be using pet influencers in social media campaigns to boost brand awareness, or using cat models to feature in advertising campaigns, it’s safe to say that we’re crazy for cats.

For example, Urban Paws worked with Worcester Bosch for a TV advertisement, which featured a whopping 13 of our cat models, and recently have worked on the CBBC Newsround special, Anne Frank – A Life in Hiding, featuring one of our cat models for hire, Hunte.

With many ways to incorporate cats into advertising and marketing, its clear to see how using animal talent can help engage with a nation of animal lovers.

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