Top dog models star in pet passport alternatives
April 4, 2019

Pet Passports

It remains unknown if pet passports will still be available to pet owners after Brexit. So the team over at have paired up with a London boutique hotel to come up with some fun British alternatives and Urban Paws UK dog models are the stars of the piece.

A London hotel has created amazing world experiences in their different rooms. The hotel is set up to give small and medium-sized dogs and their owners a five-star experience. So if you can’t take Fido abroad you can still enjoy a coffee in Rome…or at least a Rome themed room.


Countryside or City break 

Don’t forget there are options if you are going on holiday with your dog. Working out what both you and your dog likes before booking is essential. Some dogs hate loud noises, lots of people and busy environments, does this describe your dog? If so, would a city break make him/her uncomfortable? Or does your dog love rolling fields and finding muddy puddles to splash in?

Make a decision that suits both you and your dog, making sure the holiday is suitable for your dog is essential to having a good time.

You can go to stunning country parks or incredible hiking locations like the Peak District or the Lake District. However, cities are also becoming more pet-friendly than ever.

Finding dog-friendly pubs and restaurants so you don’t have to leave Rover in the room is a good option. Try not to leave it until you get there to find those little gems. Often pet-friendly hotels know the best spots to take your pet to but its still worth asking them ahead of time to avoid disappointment.


Urban Paws UK dog models on set

Five of our superstars were selected to star in this fun and creative piece. Including a photo shoot and a video, these dog actors really shone through. It’s exciting to see such a diverse range of breeds working together and makes us proud of how much work these dogs and handlers put into delivering great content. Can you match the breeds to the video?

Zeus – German Shepherd        Winnie – French Bulldog 

Cookie – Pomeranian

King – English Bulldog             Edna – Standard Poodle 

We can’t answer the question yet as to whether pets are going to be able to travel abroad easily but no doubt we will soon know. In the meantime, its good to know our four-legged friends are catered for. Be it at top hotels to camping with our furry friends in the UK. We all know the most important thing is the quality of the walk and the cuddles, not what country you are in when they happen!