The Rise of the Rabbit
May 28, 2019

Rabbits are slowly rising in the world of advertising and marketing. With their cute faces and fluffy tails, who wouldn’t want them representing their product or brand.

They are known for being great at following commands and learning many different tricks. Rabbits can even perform them just as well as dogs!

In the media and the marketing world, Rabbit models and actors have been used for multiple campaigns specifically to promote cruelty-free products. This is to fight against companies that still use animals, like rabbits, to test potentially dangerous products.

Considering rabbits are a commonly loved animal by all ages, they are suited to lifestyle/domestic brands companies. They are a great choice for vegetarian or vegan products and brands as all rabbits are herbivores.

However, despite rabbits being popular with both adults and children, they aren’t frequently used. There is a world of opportunity for rabbits in the media industry who would be excellent for any role.

The most common breeds of rabbits are Lop Eared, Dwarf, Lionhead, Flemish Giant Rabbit and Angora. However here at Urban Paws, we have a variety of rabbit models and rabbit actors that vary in breeds who would be perfect for whatever job role.

They can be very affectionate and relaxed but their personalities are varied. Some bunnies are happy to share the spotlight but other rabbits are confident and independent.

With their cute features and unique personalities, Rabbit actors and models are the perfect pick to help create an effective marketing campaign or advertisement. Who wouldn’t want to work with such a sweet and well-known animal?

If you are looking for a trained rabbit to star in any project then hire one from Urban Paws. We have a wide range of breeds of rabbits, that you can browse through, that would be perfect and well suited for whatever role the are given.

Check out some of the work our rabbits have done below.