Supersize dogs and supersized dressing up!
January 22, 2019

Supersize dogs and supersized dressing up!

I’m a dog mum who loves to spend on my pooches. I’m hu-mum to my beloved Mitzi (a Rottweiler x Bullmastiff) who adopted me when she was aged 2 after a very rough start in life.  Big pup Riley (who is big but isn’t a pup) adopted me when he was about 8 years old.  He’s was abandoned after being mistreated and beaten so badly he was left with a mass on his brain.

For these reasons, and, just because dogs are amazing, my lovely Mitzi and Riley deserve the absolute best in life.  Apart from food treats and dog toys, dog clothing is a lovely gift for any pampered pooch.  Dressing up your dog gets you spending more time with your pet and improves the bonding experience.  In the age of the Insta-Dog, more and more we’re seeing animals enjoying wearing clothes and accessories that are both useful and fashionable.

Pet fashion for big dogs

If you’re a big dog owner, you will definitely know how hard it is to keep up with this.  Our Riley has a neck circumference of 24 inches, and Mitzi’s is 20 inches.  It’s hard enough to buy a normal collar and lead for them, let alone anything fancy!

Rescue centres in the UK are full to the brim with large dogs that are often the most difficult to rehome. So, when they get a new lease of life and the chance of a warm sofa, it’s only right that they should have the opportunity to shine too!  Who is it that says big dogs can’t sparkle? Why don’t big dogs get the chance to wear nice clothes?

Sick of passers-by calling Mitzi a ‘boy’ I wanted my little (big) girl to feel like a lady, so I decided to order from Miss Teddy UK  who was recommended to me as Miss Teddy offers a bespoke fitting service with items made to measure (perfect for Mitzi and Riley).

I was so delighted to receive a stunning package in the post, a package that was beautifully presented and made me and Mitzi feel a sense of prestige before we even opened the lid of the box!

And when I carefully opened the wrapping, I was so delighted.  Just look at this stunning lead and collar!



The best bit is that it’s personalised with beautiful lettering that really captures Mitzi’s style!  The bow is lady-like but not too girlie, and the # has beautiful crystals that really make the collar stand out (whilst reminding everyone that they should follow Mitzi on Instagram!)

Above everything else, it is really well made.  You can just feel the quality.  The way the leather smells, the way the studs are solid, the thickness of the letters.  It’s simply excellent.  It’s really been a show-stopper and has certainly stopped those gender errors on the park!

The fit is perfect – it’s the best fitting collar I’ve ever had for Mitzi.

With a range of haute couture styles, Miss Teddy offers a bespoke service for any size dog, which was a real treat to me since I have two supersize doggos, but this was no problem for Miss Teddy. My next purchase will be for big pup Riley, and he can’t wait (neither can I!)  Just look how happy Mitzi is wearing Miss Teddy’s accessories…


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Follow Miss Teddy on Instagram here: @missteddyuk

Follow Mitzi & Riley on Instagram here: @mitzi_the_mastweiler

Read more about Mitzi and Riley’s story here: The Paw Post: My Rescue Dogs Changed My Life by Rachel Spencer.




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