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At Urban Paws UK we have a vast array of beautiful, well-trained and obedient models, including domestic, exotic and dangerous wild animals for hire – all owned by qualified handlers.

We are proud to have dedicated and experienced animal bookers who can provide hands-on support throughout the booking process, helping to deliver outstanding results for all of our clients.




From Giant African Land snails to tortoises, and anything in between, these guys are easily the most comfortable on set as they bring their home with them! They are great to work within any environment due to their easy-going attitudes.

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Spiders and Bugs


Creepy crawlies can create a disarming campaign. Easy to work with and transport, these adaptive critters are great for close up film/photography and will invoke real attention and emotion.

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Is your Pet the next
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Pet Influencers
for hire!

We represent some of the biggest animal influencers in the market. If you are looking to make a big impact, we have the stars to do it.

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