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Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel was developed as a gundog to serve primarily within large, open areas such as fields. They are a faithful companion and a favourite of discerning hunters and families. Welsh Springer Spaniels are very affectionate and make excellent family companions.

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Welsh Springer Spaniels are good at adapting to living in an apartment but are very energetic and like being active to stay happy. They like to go out and exercise, receive attention and also enjoy being trained. Welsh Springer Spaniels also do not like being alone and can get destructive if left alone for too long.

These energetic dogs were bred as sporting dogs meaning they are suitable for television and modelling jobs and have the boundless energy required to run around endlessly when required. You’re likely to see Welsh Springer Spaniels used to advertise a range of domestic goods due to their friendly and affectionate appearance.

To ensure that all of our Welsh Springer Spaniels are prepared for modelling and television, they are checked by our team at Urban Paws for any possible medical issues. Our Welsh Springer Spaniels are also checked to see if they are able to work in more pressurised environments and if their training and obedience levels are sufficient enough for more demanding roles.


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