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Welsh Sheepdog

The Welsh Sheepdog is a landrace herding dog that was bred for intense work and stamina in the harsh terrain of Wales. These dogs have been known to be more than just a pet, as they can help farmers with their livestock by protecting them from predators or providing companionship on farms where people may travel often due to working outside all day long during harvest time. Welsh Sheepdogs were bred for their herding abilities but their appearance is also one of the factors that has made them a firm favourite for various modelling and acting roles.

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The independent yet intelligent Welsh Sheepdog has a great temperament around people, children and other pets. However, Welsh Sheepdogs are known to herd sheep and cattle so they may try to herd other pets. Welsh Sheepdogs are very easy to train and respond to their master quickly and correctly. These dogs are around 20 – 22 inches high and weigh around 16 – 25 kgs.

As part of our commitment to keeping our Welsh Sheepdog breeds in prime physical and mental health, we conduct a comprehensive health and safety check prior to them being available for hire. This means our dog breeds can comfortably take their place within any modelling or acting environment


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