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The Tamaskan dog is a new breed that was only developed in the 1980s. Their origins can be traced back to five Husky-type dogs who were imported into America during this time period. The Tamaskan Dog is an intelligent, strong, and hardworking animal which have done exceptionally well not just in agility but also in other types of canine sports such as tracking sheep or cattle.

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The Tamaskan Dog is an active, large-sized working breed that has many qualities similar to those of the German Shepherd. It’s also quite furry with thick fur and a bushy tail which gives it its wolf-like appearance. These dogs are usually around 24 -28 inches high and weigh around 23 – 45 kgs.

The Tamaskan is a smart, gentle dog that thrives in interaction with humans and other dogs. Tamaskan dogs are very athletic which makes him excel at agility or obedience training as well as sledge racing! This dog prefers not to be left alone for long periods of time so we’ll need to provide many interactions and physical movements for mental stimulation. This will avoid any separation anxiety issues from happening.

We make sure that our animals are happy and healthy by checking both their medical records, as well as how they behave around people. This ensures a safe working environment for any animal assigned to Urban Paws UK’s talent agency. This means our dog breeds are ready for hiring and fully trained and fit to work within different environments.


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If you would like to inquire into any one of our Tamaskan dog models or would simply like to speak to a member of the Urban Paws team, please do not hesitate to get in touch on either our London number 020 8161 6556, our Manchester number 0161 808 1667 or our email address info@urbanpawsuk.com.


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