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Springer Spaniel

Originally the Springer Spaniel was bred as a Gundog. The Springer Spaniel was developed by breeders in England and Wales, with the most popular colour being liver and white. Springer Spaniels are known for their love of people, which makes them a good choice for clients that need dogs that can easily interact with actors. They are very intelligent which enables them to be trained easily.

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The Springer Spaniel is a busy and extroverted dog breed that learns quickly. These dogs are best for active outdoor families if their needs are well met. They are energetic outdoor dogs that have a lot of stamina to run around and play needing exercise for several hours daily. Their want for playing makes them a prime dog breed for a modelling and television environment.

Springer Spaniels don’t need large indoor areas and tend to be content regardless of their environment, a contributing factor to why they are so popular within various types of modelling and acting work.

To ensure that all of our Springer Spaniels are ready for modelling and television, they are checked by our specialist team here at Urban Paws for any medical issues. Our Springer Spaniels, as well as all our other animals, are checked to see if they can work in more pressuring environments and if their training and obedience levels meet the correct standards.


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