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An instantly recognisable dog breed boasting an optimistic and dignified temperament, the Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds to walk the earth with a lineage traceable as far back as 7000bc. While they aren’t exactly the most common dog breed, you’re likely to find, they are incredibly popular in many dog lover circles and garner a great deal of attention for their unique appearance and friendly personalities. Perfect for use within modelling and acting, a Saluki is a great way to draw attention to your brand.

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The Saluki was also very popular historically with many Egyptian pharaohs favouring the Saluki as a royal pet. While many dog breeds have seen great changes over recent millennia due to breeding and evolution, the Saluki has remained largely the same allowing us to see them and interact with them in much the same way ancient kings and aristocrats did. The temperament of the Saluki matches its history; the natural elegance it boasts seems almost of royal descent while its acceptance of both people and animals seems almost akin to that of a court-bred animal.

Like all of the animals we offer for hire at Urban Paws UK, our selection of Saluki dogs is fully trained and have regular medical checks to ensure that they are fit to work within a set environment and do not pose a threat to other people or animals that may be working in close proximity.


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