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The Dachshund, or “sausage dog”, originated in Germany and was initially used for tracking wounded game. Since then, the breed has exploded in popularity, mainly thanks to its starring role in films like The Secret Life of Pets series. Dachshunds make excellent pet influencers as well as animal talent as people love this small breed for its long body and signature waddle. They are known to be stubborn, devoted, and courageous and require excellent obedience training. We recommend hiring a Dachshund for briefs in the entertainment industry. There’s a reason this little fella is one of the most famous dog breeds.

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While their short legs and long body do well to hide it, the Dachshund is a relatively athletic dog breed and was primarily used to hunt badgers and other small pests. Due to their low body and sharp claws, they were incredibly efficient at this task and could burrow their way into dens and other hiding places with remarkable fervour. While they are seldom used to burrow for badgers these days, they still enjoy being given jobs to do and are more than happy to carry out tasks for their owners.

The Dachshund is a dog breed with a big personality. They tend to be somewhat stubborn which can make them a little challenging to train if not done so from a young age. They are, however, very fond of human interaction and tend to be very friendly toward people and can even be trained to be comfortable around other dogs and animals.

Every Dachshund available to hire from Urban Paws has been checked to ensure they are fully comfortable working within a range of environments.


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