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Instantly identifiable by their huge size and unique appearance, the Bullmastiff is a pretty noticeable dog breed regardless of where they go. Even though they may seem intimidating at first, the Bullmastiff is an incredibly gently and loving breed when it comes to spending time with family and friends. Giving off vibes of strength and integrity, the Bullmastiff is a perfect dog breed for various acting, modelling and marketing briefs with the breed commonly being used within action movies.

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Being a cross between the bulldog and the mastiff, the Bullmastiff boasts some of the best qualities from both dog breeds. Based on it’s two parental breeds, you can probably guess the role a Bullmastiff was expected to undertake; they were used as guard dogs for owners of large country estates and were incredibly efficient at tracking down and capturing thieves and poachers who were encroaching on private property; being swift and brave enough to chase down intruders and intelligent and calm enough to not mortally injure them while waiting for backup to arrive, the Bullmastiff quickly became a favourite amongst the aristocracy and other wealthy landlords.

The Bullmastiff is an incredibly intelligent breed that works well with commands and is a natural protector. While their strength is what made them popular, the Bullmastiff is well known for being a calm and affectionate dog breed; they love nothing more than playing with their owners and being affectionate toward they care about.

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