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Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier dog breed was developed as a vermin killer and hunter's companion. Today, Bedlington's are excellent companions and show dogs. They are infrequently utilised in the field, despite having good hunting instincts, a sharp sense of smell, and the desire to go to ground. The Bedlington adores being the focus of attention and is affectionate and playful making it the perfect dog breed for use within a range of acting and modelling jobs.

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While they spent much of the past doing dirty and unpleasant work, the Bedlington Terrier has always had a big heart favouring the comfort of a loving family over the thrill of hunting with modern members of the breed being far more easy-going than their ancestors. While they still retain some of the instincts that made them popular with hunters – primarily a vigilant nature and being highly protective of loved ones – the Bedlington Terrier is relatively easy to train and is always eager to please, be it in the home or within a working environment.

While the Bedlington Terries isn’t a dog breed that inherently carries many illnesses, our team at Urban Paws always carry out our due diligence when it comes to the health of our animal talent for hire. We ensure that all of our animals are not only fully up to date on the latest vaccinations and medical checks but are also fully trained and fit to work.

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