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The Persian cat breed is known for their short bodies and thick legs, which give them their distinctive stout look. They are generally friendly towards people of all ages and are mostly placid cats, though they have been known to have random bursts of energy. Persians make excellent cat models due to their expressive faces. We recommend using them for briefs in the pet care industry, in particular.

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Persians are one of the more extreme looking of the cat breeds, while many breeds such as Bengals, domestic shorthairs, mixed breeds, etc bear a strong resemblance, the Persian cat breed looks completely unique. Due to its striking appearance this cat breed is perfect for adding personality and individuality to your brand and when well trained can be a fantastic model or actor.

Just like many other breeds of cat, the Persian cat breed can be challenging to train and therefore requires an effecting training regime to be implemented from a young age. All of the animals that are a part of the Urban Paws talent agency are assessed based on their level of training before they become available for hire. We also carry out checks on the general health of each animal as well as their medical history to ensure that they do not pose a risk to the people and animals they may be working with on set.

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If you would like to inquire into any one of our Persian cat models or would simply like to speak to a member of the Urban Paws team, please do not hesitate to get in touch on either our London number 020 8161 6556, our Manchester number 0161 808 1667 or our email address info@urbanpawsuk.com.


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