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Persian Exotic Short Hair

The unique appearance of the Persian Exotic Shorthair has earnt in many fans the world over. Between its stocky frame, small ears, short face, the Persian Exotic Shorthair has an easily distinguishable appearance from other cat breeds. Many modern Persian Exotic Shorthair cats are a result of outbreeding between Persians, American Shorthairs, as well as other, completely unrelated breeds such as the Russian Blue and Burmese.

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Made popular due to having the same pleasant temperament and a similar appearance to the Persian, the Persian Exotic Shorthair is perfect for lovers of the Persian cat breed who do not have the time or do not wish to offer regular grooming sessions. Shorthair breeds generally tend to be a lot cleaner as pets and frequently only require the minimal about of care in order to look their best at all times. This natural charm makes the Persian Exotic Shorthair the perfect animal breed for taking part in various acting and modelling jobs.

As is the case for all of our animals for hire at Urban Paws UK, we carry out a series of comprehensive checks to ensure that that they are in perfect medical condition with all of the latest vaccinations available. As a part of our checks, we also ensure that any animals are fully trained and safe to work within an environment occupied by people as well as other animals.


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