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The hairless cat is most well-known for its lack of fur; however, all hairless cats vary in how little hair that they might have. They have large eyes and ears, with a long tail and rounded paws. Due to its nature, you can easily see the bone structure and its loose skin that can form wrinkles. Their unique features make them a good fit for working in a television and modelling environment.

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Hairless cats are highly active and very curious, due to this they don’t work well in family homes. They work best in calmer environments; however, they are very sociable making them a good fit to work in a more pressured environment such as a television set or modelling studio. Hairless cats, despite their lack of fur, require grooming at least once a week.

Before any of our Hairless cats are available for hire, they are fully checked on behavioural and medical grounds to make sure they are suitable to be working in more pressured environments. During our check we make sure that all of our animals are up-to-date with their vaccinations and have undergone a thorough health check.

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