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Exotic Short Hair

The Exotic Short Hair is broad, medium-sized cat breed. They have small wide-set ears and a short open face, with a round and broad head. They have brightly coloured eyes that are wide and rounded. They have large round paws with fur on the bottom. They have a short and bushy tail, that’s sure to grab your attention. Exotic Short Hairs also have a think, plush undercoat and the coat is thick, short and luxurious.

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The Exotic Short Hair is a quiet cat, that can be more cautious when it comes to strangers. However, when you get to know them, they are friendly and loving. Exotic Short Hairs are indoor cats, that are great with families, so working on television and modelling jobs is easy enough once you get to know them. These cats enjoy a relaxed environment, so if the studio isn’t too busy, they will be just fine.

Just like all of our animals for hire at Urban Paws, our range of Exotic Short Hairs are fully trained and have regular medical checks to make sure that they are fit to work in a more pressured environment. This also makes sure that they do not pose any threat to other people and animals that may be working closely.

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