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Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is a medium-sized, short-haired cat breed that originated from ancient Egypt and are one of oldest cat breeds with a rich historical heritage by taking their place alongside pharaohs and other ancient kings. These cats are the only breed of domestic spotted domestic cat that are naturally occurring, making them a rare breed. They are a beautiful cat breed to look at, and their unique appearance makes them a prime animal for use in modelling, acting, and marketing campaigns.

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The Egyptian Mau can come in a variation of different colours including ebony, blue and grey, lavender. These sociable cats are very loyal and are easy enough to groom which makes them a prime choice to work with in a modelling studio. Going against the stereotype of most modern cat breeds being lazy and moody, the Egyptian Mau is notorious for its friendly temperament and affectionate behaviour toward humans.

Adding to its unique appearance, the Egyptian Mau boasts hind legs that are longer than the front legs, making them look like they are standing on their tiptoes! The Egyptian Mau is an amazing jumper and are well publicised as being the fastest domestic cat breed. Their amazing agility skills makes for fun viewing in the studio and a perfect skill set for those chase or movement-heavy sequences on television.

In order to make our Egyptian Mau animals suitable for working on set and other similar environments, we carry out a series of health and behavioural checks.


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