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Domestic Long Haired

The Domestic Long Haired cat breed is, as the name implies, a domestic shorthair cat that has a longer coat. As such, they are not classed as their own unique breed meaning that you get a diverse mix of appearance, size, and characteristics. The domestic long haired is a cat breed that looks completely natural curled up on a sofa or around the home, making it the perfect breed for advertising home goods as well as a whole host of other products and brands.

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Due to the gene for long hair being recessive, a domestic long-haired cat bred with any shorthair breed will always result in a shorthair. This makes the Domestic Long Haired considerably rarer than the shorthair, but still more common than many of the cat pedigree breeds. Due to their varied genetic build-up, it can be difficult to predict the personality of a domestic long haired and much of their temperament depends on the way they were raised.

At Urban Paws we carry out comprehensive medical checks into the health and training level of the animal before they are made available for hire. By doing so, we are able to ensure that they are fit to work within a range of filming and acting environments.


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