Simon Cowell Cloning his dogs?
July 21, 2015
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Its no secret the love Simon Cowell has for animals and especially for his two Yorkshire Terriers ‘Squiddly and Diddly‘. His obsession has grown that much that he is allegedly hoping to clone the Yorkshire Terriers using a biotech firm in South Korea. ”The 55-year-old music mogul is said to be so impressed with Sooam Biotech, who famously created Britain’s first cloned dog, Winnie the dachshund, that he wants to recreate the experiment with his own pets so they can live forever” according to the Daily Mail.

The cost of the procedure costs a whopping £60,000 for each dog so £120,000 in total. ‘Winnie the dachshund’ was the first British dog to be cloned last year after her owners ordered a dog they aptly called Mini-Winnie from South Korea. I will be very curious to see if Simon does go ahead with this, its such a rare and uncommon procedure that only the super rich can avail of.

I don’t know if I find this a little weird or an obsession taken too far, I know its the worst pain in the world loosing a dog and if given the chance would we do the same, clone your dog so that it gives them eternal life. Whats your thoughts, would you do the same for your fur legged friends? I will follow this story and keep you all up to date.