Public backing of Iceland’s Christmas advert heating up
November 13, 2018

Iceland Christmas 2018 advert hits a chord with audience

The now-famous Iceland Foods 2018 Christmas TV advert features a little girl trying to rid her bedroom of a friendly “Rang-tan” (Orangutan) before learning that the Rang-tan is only looking for a new home because its own home was destroyed by humans harvesting Palm Oil from their jungles. The advert was reportedly banned due to the involvement of Greenpeace and their “political” relationship, bringing the advert under the scrutiny of Comcast who states that it breached BCAP Code on political advertising.


Due to the hard work and effort put into the advert prior to finding out it would be banned, Iceland decided to upload the commercial to their own YouTube channel as well as share it online to Facebook and Twitter. It now sits at a combined view of over 30 million and has prompted a petition to be aired on television backed by over 700,000 people.

Celebrity endorsement


The message, combined with the fact that the advert was blocked from airing on television seems to have struck a note with people, with many on social media sharing it with their own followers (including celebrity James Corden who shared it with his 10.3 million followers). Somewhat ironically, this helped to spread the message through organic reach to far more people than would likely have see it through conventional channels.


According to statistics reported by Mother, the original Facebook post from Iceland has been shared more than 500,000 times, while more than 100,000 posts have been shared on Twitter.


The director of marketing for Iceland went on record to say that “It’s been fantastic to see the story being widely shared and an overwhelmingly positive response for what is a really important message.

“We’ve been able to reach a huge number of customers without TV advertising, thanks to the level of support from campaigners, celebrities, the media and of course the public.

“We set out to raise awareness of an issue and even though this hasn’t happened in the way we’d initially planned, we ultimately managed to share the story far and wide.”


You can find the petition here