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Meet Woody!

Cocker Spaniel
Gloucestershire, South West

Introducing Woody, a handsome Pedigree show Cocker Spaniel dog model and animal actor. He is sable in colour and is simply stunning. He is a gentle natured dog and loves to receive attention from everyone. Woody is very intelligent and is always willing to please others and learn new skills. He is currently undergoing agility training which keeps him fit & fulfilled. It also challenges his learning, attention and awareness because it tests various abilities. Woody is a good looker and is best suited to pet modelling roles due to the fact that he excels in a studio environment.

Training checklist:
- Hold item
- Lie down
- Sit
- Stay
- Wears pet clothing + accessories

He is a perfect pet model for various small roles according to his dog skillset. Woody is also used to the studio environment and lighting.

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