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Meet Woody and Wilma!

United Kingdom

Woody and Wilma, better known as the Cotswold Spaniels, are a delightful duo of influential content creators. They are a Cocker Spaniel and Cockapoo. These lovely dogs are seldom seen apart. They spend their downtime exploring the beautiful landscape of the Cotswolds and creating stunning pet photography.

Woody and Wilma have steadily increased their following on Instagram, Twitter, and their blog. The use of three channels dramatically increases the reach of this micro influencer’s content and offers partners an opportunity for in-depth product reviews. Any client working with these content creators will find their loyal social media fanbase hugely appealing, as they can specifically target a demographic of dog lovers.

Wilma and Woody are primarily lifestyle influencers, though their work as dog models shows versatility, and they have worked for sport, retail, and fashion brands. The duo doesn’t use a specific hashtag, and they are open to collaborations with exciting client brands. They strive to promote products and services that their audience is passionate about. Additionally, this wonderful duo is available for meet and greets and other PR events. Their dashing good looks and warm temperaments are guaranteed to charm anyone.



The team have worked with brands such as dog food companies Denzel’s, Ivy and Duke bedding, Barka Parka Bean beds, Hugo and Hudson, LG Leatherworks, Sophie Allport, Forthglade to name but a few. These partnerships featured well-devised posts and professional photography that made client brands pop. Additionally, Woody and Wilma can use a range of influencer marketing tools, including discount codes, giveaways, and story posts.

@thecotswoldspaniels make the perfect partners. Take a look at these stunning Spaniel content creators today.


- Action
- Adventure
- Available as a brand ambassador
- Available for pet food affiliation
- Blogger
- Brand endorsement
- Canine critic
- Content creation
- Dog-friendly visit
- Entertainment blogger
- Family focused
- Food blogger
- Fun
- High quality photography
- Holistic
- Lifestyle blogger
- Media campaigns
- Meet and greet
- Online marketing
- Organic reach
- Outdoors
- Pet photography
- Pet placement
- Pet products
- Pet-friendly reviews
- Print marketing
- Product placement
- Product reviews
- Professional photography
- Public relations campaigns
- Social media marketing
- Stylish
- Unique brand aesthetic
- Wears pet clothing and accessories
- Work with props
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