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Meet Veyron!

German Shepherd

Veyron is a gold and tan German Shepherd male from working lines. He is a trained personal protection dog with a great level of obedience training. Super athletic – Veyron is very ball/frisbee driven. He is not a very big dog for his breed and he weighs only 30kg but is like a bullet when he runs.

Training checklist:
- Come
- Dog-friendly
- Fetch item
- Give paw
- Heel
- Leave item
- Lie down
- Rollover
- Security work - Bite on command
- Security work - Release on command
- Sit
- Speak/Bark
- Stay
- Walk backwards

Veyron has experience on set and even has experience working on a film. He was required to chase and then corner an old man before snarling and barking – off the lead – ferociously. Due to his training, Veyron was capable of this in a safe and controlled manner.

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