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Meet Shelled Animals!


Whether you’re looking to hire a fantastic Tortoise actor or a giant Snail model, we work with experienced animal handlers to provide a range of incredible shelled talent.

Shelled animals are often slower than their non-shelled cousins. They are typically calm and relaxed under pressure and more than happy to spend time around new people who are respectful of their space. Shelled animals are able to be handled provided care is taken to ensure their safety.

Encompassing everything from Hermann’s Tortoises to Giant African Land Snails, our roster of shelled animals is constantly growing.

At Urban Paws UK we’re able to provide a wide variety of animals, with additional models available on request.

If you’re in need of additional information on exactly how to hire a shelled animal, feel free to get in touch with our  very own Nemo who can assist you.

Training checklist:

Easy to work with, used to being on set and well cared for by owners and handlers.

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