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Meet Rupert!


Urban Paws UK introduces Rupert the Doberman, a dog model available for hire. With classic black and tan markings, this well-trained boy will really make an impact on your next project. He can also be booked alongside the other Dobermans that he lives with. He is happy to be handled by actors as he is regularly shown so used to being handled. In fact, this social boy loves adults and children. He can work with other dogs if they are all on leads but not loose.

Training checklist:
- Down
- Go to mark
- Lie down
- Security work - Protections trained
- Sit
- Speak/Bark
- Stand

Rupert and the rest of his Doberman family have worked on a fashion show for giant luxury brand A Cold Wall. This involved walking down a catwalk with models, whilst their handler stood behind a black sheet to handle the dogs from a distance. The show consisted of loud music, fireworks, dancers, water and having to work with their handler in the dark. This really shows the potential of these Dobermans.

Rupert has also worked on lots of other projects including TV series, movies and music videos, so don’t miss your chance to have this superstar in your next film, TV or media project.


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