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Meet Maya, Peanut & Stella!

United Kingdom

Introducing Maya, the Dachshund pet influencer for hire.

This lovely lady is a social media star. She is ideal for advertising products with that personal touch that only pet influencers can provide. She shares her social accounts with her adorable African Pygmy Hedgehog roommate, Peanut. Maya shot to fame by posting photos of her posing with her Hedgehog sibling. Her page is constantly growing, and two more stunning Dachshunds have now joined her. The page is filled with stunning lifestyle themed posts that their fans can’t get enough of. Maya and her crew love trying out the newest pet clothing and accessories, which only make their content that much more adorable.

@mayathesausage is what we classify as a macro pet influencer, meaning she has over 50,000 followers on one social media platform. With such extensive market reach, Maya and her pals are perfectly placed to deliver compelling product placement and brand awareness posts for a diverse range of clients. Though her content might focus on pet care and lifestyle, this delightful Dachshund isn’t limited to promoting these kinds of brands. She can work with clients of any industry, including fashion, entertainment, and food.



This divine Dachsund influencer for hire boasts American Eagle OutfittersFurboAmerican Doxie, National Geographic among her past clients.

Maya and friends are also no stranger to media attention. They’ve featured in The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sun, various overseas magazines and National Geographic’s 125 True Stories of Amazing Animal Friendships.

Overall, Maya and the rest of her family are a great choice for influencer campaigns; from product reviews to meet and greets to brand endorsements. For all this and more, check out this Dachshund influencer for hire today.

- Adventure
- Available as a brand ambassador
- Available for pet food affiliation
- Brand endorsement
- Canine critic
- Celebrity
- Comedy posts
- Content creation
- Dog-friendly visit
- Entertainment blogger
- Family focused
- Fashion blogger
- Food blogger
- Fun
- High quality photography
- Lifestyle blogger
- Media campaigns
- Meet and greet
- Online marketing
- Organic reach
- Outdoors
- Pet photography
- Pet placement
- Pet products
- Pet-friendly reviews
- Print marketing
- Product placement
- Product reviews
- Professional photography
- Public relations campaigns
- Social media marketing
- Stylish
- Wears pet clothing and accessories
- Work with props
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