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Meet Luna!

Cocker Spaniel
North Yorkshire, Yorkshire and the Humber

Luna is a female Cocker Spaniel assistance and trick dog talent. This talented lady just loves to learn and perform. She is always keen to learn the next trick or command and truly aims to please. Luna particularly likes to do tricks and, as a gun dog, she enjoys retrieves and holding things but is more than happy just posing too!  She knows a plethora of commands and learns very quickly.

Little Luna is an assistance dog, and a therapy dog therefore is desensitised to a range of situations including animals (cats, horses, sheep etc), babies, and children. Luna can perform at a distance and is very quick to adapt to different situations. She is an all-round dog who is perfect for a range of advertising & marketing as she can adapt to whatever the situation and also aims to please. Luna is happiest when performing making her the perfect pet talent!

Training checklist:
- Agility trained
- Animal-friendly
- Assistance dog
- Balance on object
- Beg
- Bow
- Can be placed in position
- Can style hair
- Can work outdoors
- Can work with water
- Cat-friendly
- Catch a treat
- Catch an item
- Child-friendly
- Clicker trained
- Cover eyes/Act shy
- Dig on command
- Dog-friendly
- Eat/drink in new environment
- Facial expressions
- Fetch item
- Food motivated
- Give paw
- Go around object/person
- Go over seesaw
- Go to bed
- Go to mark
- Go under/through
- Happy to be groomed
- Happy to be handled
- Harness/lead trained
- Head down
- Head to floor
- Hold item
- Jump into/out of a car boot
- Jump through hoop
- Jump up/on/over an object
- Kiss
- Lie down
- Look at me
- Look at point
- Open/close door
- Paint
- Paws up on object
- People-friendly
- Play ball
- Pose
- Positional work
- Product placement
- Pull off socks
- Rest head
- Retrieve an item
- Ring a bell
- Rollover
- Sit
- Sit pretty
- Speak/Bark
- Spin (left/right)
- Stand
- Stay
- Swimming
- Therapy animal
- Touch item
- Touch with nose
- Toy motivated
- Travels well
- Trick trained
- Vacuum-friendly
- Vet-friendly
- Wave
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Weave
- Work from a distance
- Works with props
- Yoga

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