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Meet Atlas!


Atlas is a stunning Canadian Whippet dog model and social media influencer. This incredible pet influencer loves the camera almost as much as the camera loves him. His beautiful colouring and long slender body make Atlas a real eye-catcher. Everyone who works with him is instantly taken in by his handsome good looks. With his strong body, this is one good boy who lives up to his name; he really looks like he could carry the world on his shoulders. His experience as both a pet influencer and dog model make this doggo a highly sought after bit of animal talent that adds value to any media campaign or film production.

Training checklist:
- Animal-friendly
- Can work with water
- Cat-friendly
- Clicker trained
- Come
- Dog-friendly
- Ears up
- Fetch item
- Give paw
- High five
- Jump into/out of a car boot
- Jump up/on/over an object
- Lie down
- People-friendly
- Pose
- Sit
- Speak/Bark
- Stand
- Stay
- Swimming
- Travels well
- Wears pet clothing + accessories
- Works with props

Atlas has worked for huge retail players Amazon and Etsy.

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