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Meet Archie!

Mixed Breed

Archie is a Jack Russell cross Corgi. He is one of our mature models but that doesn’t stop him as he excels in obedience. This handsome mixed breed has lovely markings inherited from both breeds. He loves attention from people & has a very cheeky personality. Archie is clicker trained & aims to please as he is very food motivated.  This mixed breed will work for anyone including strangers if they have food for him. To date, this pooch has all basic obedience & confidently responds to the following commands. This clever little dog is trained to a KC silver level. Archie has no issues working from a distance from his handler, ideal for most briefs.

Training checklist:
- Agility trained
- Beg
- Child-friendly
- Give paw
- Head to floor
- Jump up/on/over an object
- Kiss
- Lie down
- Rollover
- Sit
- Sit pretty
- Spin (left/right)
- Stand
- Stay
- Touch item
- Touch with nose
- Works with props

Archie has pet modelling experiences, having worked in a studio environment. Photographers have commented on how well behaved he is & how quickly they get the shots of him.

He is a suitable pet talent for a variety of roles according to his skill set.

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