Princess the ‘Hypno Dog’ as seen on ‘Britain’s got Talent’
May 14, 2015
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Last week Urban Paws client had a wonderful time meeting ‘Princess the Hypnodog’ and her owner, Krystyna as seen on ‘Britain’s got Talent‘. Our client was so excited to experience hypnotherapy which she hoped would help her with personal issues including lack of confidence and self esteem as well as weight loss.  Being a dog owner herself made it very easy to establish a quick connection with Princess.  She was such a sweetie.  Her big eyes and long tongue were captivating.  Our client does’t remember much about the experience apart from feeling incredibly relaxed as she looked into Princess’s eyes and the countdown into my hypnosis from Krystyna.

When our client woke from this relaxed state, Princess was sitting at her feet and she remembers having strong visulisations of times spent with her dad growing up.  It was lovely for our client being in the company of Krystyna and Princess and on the whole, a really calming afternoon for her.  Since the experience, she has felt much more positive about herself and her future and would recommend the experience to anyone.