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Cuddles are good for the soul.

Here at Urban Paws UK we offer animals that are available to hire as therapy pets. We rent out litters of puppies, kittens, sheep, and even alpacas for a variety of pet therapy events.

Puppies and kittens for hire

All about puppy and kitten therapy.

At Urban Paws UK we don’t just provide top-class animal talent. We supply pet industry professionals, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ disabled models, and an extensive range of pet influencers. What you might not know is that we also offer a different service; puppy and kitten therapy.

Interacting with baby dogs and cats has become a popular way to reduce worry during stressful periods. For employees in high-stress positions or overwhelmed final-year students, interacting with puppies can be a surprisingly effective way to reduce anxiety, particularly in a group setting. We offer litters of puppies and kittens for hire to give businesses, charities, and other organisations an adorable and calming treat during the toughest times.

These ‘puppy parties’ are the perfect way to decompress after or during a particularly stressful period like a financial year-end or exam season. Puppy and kitten therapy offers social and health benefits to both clients and the animals themselves.

Let’s explore a bit deeper.

Farm animals for hire

What is farm animal pet therapy?

Pet therapy animals should not be confused with assistance animals, which are trained to help those who need consistent help and specific care such as the blind, deaf, and autistic. They should also not be confused with mental support dogs, another group of working animals that support a single person to help them deal with mental health issues like PTSD.

Therapy animals are used to relieve short-term stress and improve our mood. You may think that farm animals are employed solely for their ‘cute factor’, but using young animals actually gives them invaluable life experience. These therapy animals are not trained and are simply there to be stroked and played with.

Our animals brighten the days of our clients, who are encouraged to cuddle, stroke, and play with them. However, interacting with farm animals isn’t just fun; it also offers some surprisingly effective health benefits.


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