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Everything you need to know
about Pet Influencers.

At Urban Paws UK we realise how important assigning the right pet influencer to the right job is. We have years of experience identifying which of our amazing animals is best suited to each campaign, be that in terms of follower count, the platforms they use, or any specific skills.

What are Pet Influencers?

Pet influencers are the hottest new social media trend, with millions of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter users engaging with their content every day. They’re famous pets; usually (but not always) dogs or cats that share funny, cute, or informative posts covering a range of topics.

They typically have thousands of followers and can be categorised as nano (1k – 10k), micro (10k-50k), macro (50k-1m), or mega (1m+). These pets aren’t just cute, though; they mean big business for their owners. You need only read this article to see the lucrative value of the most successful ‘petfluencers’.

The term ‘pet influencer’ can also be synonymous with ‘petfluencer’ and ‘cat influencer’, ‘dog influencer’ etc.

It’s not just pets and owners that have taken advantage of this profitable concept, as companies large and small have noticed the growing value in not just human social media influencers, but also pets. You will regularly see organisations like TikTok and Warner Bros partner up with the biggest petfluencers, using discount codes, paid product placements, and giveaways to deliver powerful ‘influencer marketing’ campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

What are the different types of influencers?

At Urban Paws UK we work with bloggers, vloggers, and social media content creators.

With these talented pooches, felines, and other species, we facilitate the creation of powerful media campaigns, whether that be the creation of product placement posts, brand awareness through the user’s biog, discounts, giveaways, or more robust brand promotions, such as product review videos. We also look to pair up influencers and pet food brands who are a natural fit, in what we call ‘pet food affiliation.’

Sometimes our clients double up as pet models. These animals are naturally used to the camera and fulfil a double role as a model / brand ambassador. For example, we’ve had various dogs visit Google‘s head office in London to promote specific products. Of course, all of our pet influencers are perfect for modelling work, though some owners have more interest in it for their pets than others.

We divide influencers into four groups based on market reach and audience engagement. When choosing who to work with, however, it’s important to consider more than just selling rates; the awareness achieved by pushing your brand to niche markets can be exceptionally beneficial.

Is influencer marketing an affordable option for small businesses?

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective solution that is proven to offer greater returns than other digital marketing based strategies.

It’s been proven to outperform banner ads, for example, and is fast becoming the preferred method of advertising the launch of new products.

Here at Urban Paws UK, we offer custom campaigns that give smaller brands room to make an investment without the high-level risk normally associated with TLT marketing campaigns.

There is, however, a minimum threshold that needs to be met to cover the overhead cost of running a campaign. We explain this in depth when discussing the needs of our clients with them.

Nano (1k – 10k)


Micro (10k – 50k)


Macro (50k – 1m)


Mega (1m+)


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