Pet Influencers

Pet Influencer

Here at Urban Paws UK we offer a range of domestic animals that are social media influencers.  Our pets are influencers because they have a large social media presence & large companies (some international) love to use them to advertise their brands & products. Our pets are proving more influential than humans even if the products or brand is not intended for animals. Human influencers might say something ‘off-brand’ or that offends the brand, but dogs are on message at all times. At Urban Paws UK we recommend the perfect pet for each campaign and work with our clients to create engaging content across digital and broadcast advertising campaigns. The influence and audience engagement our animals have mean we can reach millions of target consumers using a focused and timely approach.

The Different Types of Pet Influencers

Mainly bloggers, social media product placement, YouTube videos & PR campaigns. But we have had pets that will go into the company’s main office to be photographed with a specific item. For example we have had dogs that regularly get invited into Google’s main office in London. For Instagram, pets are big business–both in terms of generating content and building compelling advertisements for users.


Pet Influencer FAQs

1. Who is using influencer marketing as part of their strategy?

Influencer marketing covers a wide range of industries and categories that are growing every day. Urban Paws UK has managed campaigns across a diverse range of categories from pet food, beauty, pet care, retail, events, health & wellness, charities, and much more.

2.   How much does an influencer campaign cost?

Each campaign is custom made to suit every client’s needs so it’s difficult to provide a standard pricing sheet. Cost varies across agencies, and will fluctuate based on a number of factors including number of influencers, labour costs, influencer compensation, and extra digital spend to promote the campaign.

3.   Is influencer marketing an affordable option for small brands?

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective solution that brings greater returns than other digital marketing strategies. It’s been proven to outperform banner ads, for example, and is becoming the preferred method for marketing new product launches.

Urban Paws UK offer custom campaigns, which gives smaller brands room to make an investment without the high-level risk normally associated with marketing campaigns. That said, there is a minimum threshold that needs to be met to cover the overhead cost of running a campaign.

4.   How do I get started on our first influencer campaign?

When a business decides to engage in influencer marketing they are best to hire a third-party agency to handle the details for them. Most brands are choosing to go with an agency because it’s more cost-effective, and is time-efficient.

5.   What are the steps to launching a successful influencer campaign?

Our process guarantees genuine results. We customize each campaign so that our clients can be part of the process every step of the way. Urban Paws UK will select the right influencers, who are the right fit for your brand, to create the right content, at the right time, in the right place.


6.   Is there a minimum number of followers a person needs to be considered an influencer?

There are many factors that are considered before we recruit a pet to our influencer network, and one of those is audience size. While there isn’t a set minimum, you do need to have a large enough audience to make a visible impact with your content. Impact is measured primarily in impressions, and engagements. The larger and more engaged your follower base is, the more likely we will hire you as an influencer.

7.   How can the content be authentic if influencers are being paid to create it?

Influencers don’t just promote a product; they come up with useful ideas on how to use the product. Followers engage with this useful content, share it with their friends, pin it on Pinterest and come back to it later when they want to try the idea for themselves. Most influencers won’t publish content that doesn’t resonate with their audience, or fit their own brand, and no agency worth working with would hire influencers who aren’t a good fit for a brand’s campaign.

8.   Do influencers publish the content on every social media network?

Not every campaign has content published on every social media network. The big ones (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram) make up the majority of all influencer content published on social media. However, some campaigns simply resonate better on certain channels. Again what channels can be selected by the client.

9.   How much are pet influencers paid?

This might be the most frequently asked influencer marketing question, but unfortunately there is no straightforward answer. Every influencer is on a different rate, which is based on many factors, and can vary between pets and campaigns. Some influencers have their own base price, which they wish to be paid, and others are happy to negotiate based on the ask for each campaign.

10. Who owns the content – the influencer or the brand?

Influencers retain the rights to their content, however brands can stipulate in their contracts with influencers to have exclusive rights to use the content for a certain period of time (or indefinitely.) If the contract says nothing about ownership or intellectual property rights, then the influencer has the copyright on that content and all rights associated with the copyright.


How using a Pet Influencer help you create awareness

Humans love for our furry friends is greater than ever, with millions of pet owners worldwide, the attraction of seeing animals on social media keeps on growing. People follow these pets and cute/fluffy or funny pets have the ability to sell a product to people of all different ages. Pet influencers can attract up to 10 times the amount of attention, compared to a human influencer. With this information, it is hard for companies to not use pet influencers to advertise their brand. People like pet content, and there’s higher ability of going viral. You have all the abilities of influencer marketing, plus factors that you don’t have for humans.

When is the right time to use a Pet Influencer?

When a particular pet has a mass following and brands start showing an interest in the animal due to their popularity. When a pet has the ability to engage an audience & establish a mass following then the time is right. It is also beneficial if the pet has worked with leading brands & can show versatility from reviewing products, blogging, good visuals and/or videos as well as conducting interviews. We work with the brands, and when it makes sense to work with dog influencers in our database, we reach out to them.

Our experience with dealing with Pet Influencers

We have had 2 years of dealing with pet influencers and have noticed a huge increase especially on Instagram. Every day pet influencers are proving more and more popular. The market is completely open when it comes to what products can be advertised making pets more appealing for brands compared to humans.

Here’s why you should use our Pet Influencers

Many pets have boomed in popularity on social media, especially Instagram. With some animals having up to 1 million followers, it is no surprise that companies get these pets to advertise for their company to the masses of people who come to visit their pages every day. If you are looking for a pet influencer for your company, then look no further. At Urban Paws UK we have many pets that can be hired out for many different tasks. Some of our pets have featured in advertisements and have Instagram accounts with thousands of followers. Most importantly, pets can endorse products for a lot less money than actual human beings.

So if you have any inquiries on pet influencers or need a pet influencer for your company – get in touch today.

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