Pet Influencer Case Studies
November 27, 2019
Beth Gregory

Read about some of the pet influencer projects that we at Urban Paws UK have worked on. They vary between brand awareness and advertising campaigns.

Warner Brothers: Warren Zevon’s ‘Werewolves of London’

The brief was to promote Halloween sales of Warren Zevon’s hit single, ‘Werewolves of London’ on 31st October 2018.  This was to be achieved by branded story posts including music and a link to purchase the track

Influencers included:

@little_london_maltese – 139k followers at the time of posting
@SiberianHuskyJaxx – 155k followers at the time of posting
@brunotheminidachshund – 113k followers at the time of posting

A problem was encountered when it became apparent that Warner hadn’t activated the music link to be shared by the influencers, so the influencers ended up having to post the story twice.  Also note that at that time, Bruno didn’t have access to the story stats, only the amount of views because of a glitch on Instagram.

Nevertheless, a total of 40099 impressions were gained, which is out of 407000 total followers.  That is a tenth of all potential viewers, which is a huge achievement.

Please see the screenshots on the next page to reflect the work. Dog food tracker

Grid post advertising the dog food tracker.  The aim was brand recognition rather than click-through rate; however, a clickable link was placed in each influencer’s biog for 1 month.  The click-throughs were not monitored by either party as this was not the primary focus.

Influencers included:

@allaboutlloyd_ 1815 likes, 24 comments (7k followers)
@cavalierking_bo 564 likes, 10 comments (10k followers)
@thecotswoldspaniels 439 likes, 22 comments (15k followers)

We also ran the post via Urban Paws UK socials (at no extra cost).  The stats came in as follows:

Instagram: 66 likes, 7 comments (3k followers)
Facebook: 11 likes, 1 comment, 1 share, 707 reach
Twitter: 1 like, 335 reach, total engagements 8, 2 link clicks

Interestingly, Lloyd had by far the best engagement, even though he has the smallest follower level.  

TikTok: Introducing animal accounts to the video platform

Tasked with converting Instagram users to TikTok, we worked with TikTok in providing over 20 animal influencers from around the world.  The animals had to film a video and use the ‘animal’ stickers on TikTok, along with selecting music and animations to make the post more fun.  They also had to post this video on Instagram Stories to entice their audience over.  

We had a wonderful conversion rate with all of our influencers; and TikTok were so pleased, they ended up using us three times within a month.  Some of the other animals used are listed below:

Hime, the American ferret, did particularly well: and

Hime’s story had over 4500 views on Instagram which quickly converted to 59.3k views on TikTok.  The video was so successful, it went viral on the first night of posting. Check out Hime’s stats in the following images:

As you can see, when Hime stopped promoting his TikTok videos via Instagram stories, his view count slowly tailed off.  The collaboration with the two platforms really worked for Hime.  

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Crufts – Billy & Margot

The influencers were tasked with attending the event and posting live photos from socials.  This was to build the buzz around Billy & Margot’s branded stall at the event.

The client was not interested in how well the post did on the day, rather the main concern was using the ‘Instagram famous dogs’ as a way to entice people to their stall.  This evidently worked as people queued up to meet the dogs in person. Interestingly, because the brand formed such a good report with each influencer, every single influencer posted more than what was contractually agreed.  The brand got at least double the amount of exposure they paid for. The relationship was key here.

Sainsbury’s: A ‘sausage dog cake’

@georgethesausage had 20000 followers at the time of posting (March 2019).  His task was to promote the sale of Sainsbury’s ‘sausage dog cake’ using the hashtag #sammythesausage.  

The story and the grid post amassed 28022 views and had 15 link clicks.  The amount of views is actually higher than the number of followers George had at the time, so the build of brand awareness for this campaign was huge.  Crucially, 138 people saved the post to check in with again at a later date.

Warner Bros: 10 Tonnes single release

Grid picture post and story video post to promote 10 Tonnes’ single ‘G.I.V.E.’  Click-through rate was not monitored by either party; again, the primary concern was brand building in front of ‘an untapped audience’.  The key was to work with influencers of different levels of followings; it’s plain to see from the ‘views’ results below, for this project, it was more cost-effective to work with the mega influencer.

Crucially, as the client worked so closely with the influencers, the influencers got behind the project and voluntarily did extra posts, giving the client nearly twice the visibility.


@bryantheminiaturedachshund (27k followers)



Video Story: 913 impressions


@siberianhuskeyjax (148k followers)



Video story: 17770 impressions


@lecorgi (74k followers)



Video story 1: 4397

Video story 2: 3792

Marcel ran the story twice as it was so popular!

@urbanpawsuk (5k followers)

Instagram picture:

1 comment
1 bookmark


13 click-throughs


221 impressions
3 engagements
1 like

Other clients, we’ve worked with on influencer campaigns:

Bodacious the Shepherd Cat (book) – Harper Collins

Finding Gobhi (book) – Harper Collins

The AA (insurance) – The AA Breakdown Cover

Jaguar (car) – Jaguar

Miss Teddy – Pet accessory and clothing range


It’s easy to see why so many more brands are starting to use pet influencers to promote the next big product or social media marketing campaigns. Pet influencers are for various brands, not just the average pet product.

If you wish to work with any of our pet influencers then please get in touch and email