Oh Mickey, you’re so fine! MSGM’s Autumn/Winter line features a familiar pooch
September 27, 2019
Daniel Keeling

Online women’s fashion brand, MSGM, have released their Fall/Winter line of clothing (that’s autumn and winter to us Brits), bringing with it not only a collection of new clothing but of new marketing images.

The advertising campaign features models Florence Hutchings, Rose Daniels and Mae Lapres, as well as Urban Paws UK animal model Mickey the Lurcher, all of whom took to the London rooftops to take full advantage of the iconic view.

Fashion photographer Elaine Constantine shot the images for the campaign, with Massimo Giorgetti working as Creative Director. 

Giorgetti was quoted stating “I like youth, but it’s not solely a question of aesthetics, because it captures a unique purity. MSGM is young, young is my endless obsession”.

At three years old, Mickey is still pretty puppy-like in character, though his long side-chop-style facial hear does give him the look of an older gentleman or 19th century American General… but much cuter and fluffier!

MSGM are known for their bold and stylised apparel, often featuring animals. This marks Mickey’s first time working with the fashion brand or with Elaine Constantine. 

Repaw-ts indicate that Mickey had a very good time on the shoot.

This campaign with MSGM stands alongside our recent work with Boden, Gucci, Stella McCartney, Reiss, BooHoo and Joules.