Lacoste – Save Our Species
March 7, 2019

Lacoste is best known for its easily recognisable crocodile logo, but the embroidered logo will now feature 10 endangered species. All face extinction and will be featured in a range of limited-edition shirts.

The Save Our Species launch is to raise awareness and support endangered animals. Marking a three-year partnership between Lacoste and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The IUCN has become not only the world’s biggest but most diverse environmental network.


Only a total of 1775 shirts have been produced. With the number of shirts produced in each range will represent the size of the population remaining in the wild. The endangered species represented include:

The Vaquita – 30 individuals remaining

The Burmese Roofed Turtle – 40 individuals remaining

The Northern Sportive Lemur – 50 individuals remaining

The Javan Rhino – 67 individuals remaining

The Kakapo – 157 individuals remaining

The Cao-vit Gibbon – 150 individuals remaining

The California Condor – 231 individuals remaining

The Saola – 250 individuals remaining

The Sumatran Tiger – 350 individuals remaining

The Anegada Ground Iguana – 450 individuals remaining

The shirts range from €150 – €180. The proceeds from the sale of these shirts will be donated to assist in the conservation of the 10 featured endangered species

Conservation is key in the protection of endangered and threatened species. As without conservation, many species will become extinct and once extinction occurs, we can’t reverse it. In order to improve the success of conservation measures and practices, there needs to be increased awareness. Support surrounding the topic can often be achieved through education and advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaigns

There are many well-known advertising campaigns that increase awareness of endangered species and the protection and conservation of them. WWF campaigns encourage donations and sponsorships for endangered species. These campaigns are successful, not only in terms of raising money to help fund conservation practices but also in raising awareness and educating in the form of fact packs and regular updates.

Some conservation TV advertising campaigns also feature celebrities, such as models and actors. These actors are often widely known for their views on animal rights, welfare and species conservation. Due to the influence they can have to raise awareness of conservation, with their many followers and fans.

Conservation and Fashion

Another way to raise awareness for the importance of conservation can be through the fashion industry. Certain modelling events heavily promote the conservation of endangered animals. For example, Elephantasia 2016 premiered at Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016. It also debuted at London Fashion Week. This show was an elephant in

spired collection to raise awareness surrounding elephant poaching, in order to aid their conservation.

There have been numerous campaigns featuring models and fashion designers that increase awareness for conservation. Since fashion designer Stella McCartney showed her first fashion collection in 2001, she has been designing collections to be free from leather and fur.

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