It’s Spotify, but for dogs!
February 21, 2018

Everyone has a favourite type of music right? Whether you like Pop or Rock, Rap or Jazz, Piano or Death Metal – everyone has different tastes when it comes to music. Well according to the University of Glasgow, so do dogs!

When popular music streaming service Spotify caught wind of the study they decided to partner up with an animal shelter in Germany in order to help match listeners with their potential new pets based entirely on music preference. Who wouldn’t want to headbang to Foo Fighters with their dog or croon to Norah Jones with their cat?

The program – Called Adoptify – was initiated by an agency called Serviceplan and provided adoptable dogs from a Munich shelter alongside fun videos about the musical tastes of the dogs.

The idea to partner up with Spotify was born out of the idea that Spotify is the premier music streaming service when it comes to identifying music preferences of their users.

“No other music provider knows and analyses the musical preferences of their listeners as well as Spotify. We will use this to make recommendations to users by displaying dogs who like the same music in personalised video banners” explains Hans-Peter Sporer, Managing Creative Director at Serviceplan Campaign X.

When clicked the personalised banners lead through to a microsite displaying the dogs posed and listening to the music that they prefer.

Though the banners went live on January 18th, it is based solely in Germany at the moment, though with some luck the service will be successful in paring potential owners with adoptable dogs. Who knows, the service might be rolled out to other countries too!

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