A dog (pug) looking sad. Half in the dark.
Helping Your Dogs Feel at Home While You Are Away
October 11, 2018

Research has shown that 85% of dogs experience difficulty coping with being left alone. Every conscientious pet owner has wondered how their pet is doing while they are home alone, this topic even became the subject of The Secret Life of Pets movie in 2016. With modern technology, there is no longer any need to wonder. Voice-commanded cameras allow you to cast a live feed of your dog onto your phone, tablet or computer so you can watch and interact with them while you are away. Just imagine all of the things they get up to when you leave them home alone, maybe they could be the inspiration for the cast of a Secret Life of Pets sequel! 

Furbo Dog Camera 

Certain breeds like Labrador Retrievers as well as German and Australian Shepherds are particularly prone to separation anxiety; however, all breeds can feel lonely, anxious or bored while their owners are out of the house. Installing a Furbo Dog Camera allows you to interact with them and feed them treats. This innovative device makes dogs feel happy and comfortable while their owners are away, and it makes the owner feel less anxious about leaving them alone in their homes. 

Fetch Inside the Home

At times, you will be too busy to check in on your dog using your Furbo Camera; however, the iFetch is the perfect toy to keep them entertained while you are away. The sleek design looks like some form of futuristic vase, with a tennis ball sized hole in the side. You could even locate the device inside an enclosure that jets out from your garage and wraps around the corner of the house, so your dog can enjoy the outdoors while you are at work.

In other words, this interactive catch-and-release device could modernize your home. It comes with an instruction manual to explain how to train your dog to play fetch on their own. A small tennis ball is placed into a slot in the machine and subsequently launched a distance of 10-30 metres. This device is electronically powered by a wall socket or equipped with batteries, making it safe to use inside or outside your home

Purchasing and installing a camera in order to monitor your pets will help you identify whether or not they fit into the 85% majority who find it difficult to cope with being left alone. Even if your dog is in the minority, and doesn’t require this innovative device, they can still benefit from the additional attention and positive reinforcement that the camera and treat dispenser can provide. For more active dogs, an interactive toy that they can play with while you are away will help to keep their tails wagging in excitement all day. 

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