Heatwave Pets!!
July 2, 2015
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Please remember the devastating effects summer heat can have on dogs

With the Summer solstice just behind us and the prospect of much warmer days ahead, this is exactly the time of year where concerned members of the public worry about laws regarding dogs in vehicles.

We all want to take our dogs with us when we’re out and about over the summer, but it can so easily lead to tragedy if we don’t think through our actions.

We hear time and again about people who’ve just ‘popped into the supermarket for half an hour’ or run a few errands while leaving a dog inside a car. They can think the animal will be perfectly fine, but in fact, the heat inside a car could be pushing 35 to 40 degrees, even when it’s only half that outside.

In the worst of cases, this could mean a family returning to a car to discover their dog has been overcome by heat. Even parking in the shade or taking the window down slightly are not significant enough steps to keep a dog safe. They cannot cool themselves the way humans can when the heat takes hold

Dog owners: Remember roads/pavements are incredibly hot also so walk your dog early/late preferably on grass #HeatwavePets #MarctheVet