Guinea Pigs – The Big Picture
January 17, 2019

Guinea pigs are colourful characters, with unique personalities and quirks. Some adopt a more laid back, relaxed approach whereas others are much more vocal, energetic and curious about everything and anything. However, do not let this fool you, as even the most relaxed cavies become chatterboxes. They will squeak the house down if they hear the fridge door opening and suspect there is food. This is one of the joys of owning a Guinea Pig!

The guinea pig squeak

When guinea pigs become excited, it’s not just the loud squeaks that grab your attention. You may be lucky enough to experience the phenomenon that is popcorning. Popcorning is an incredible sight to behold! It happens when cavies get super excited and they suddenly jump in the air and often squeak. This behaviour is more common in younger guinea pigs but does also occur in adults too.

Guinea pigs love living in groups. They are social animals who form strong bonds and friendships between each other and to their humans. From playing follow the leader around the run, cuddling up together for a nap or snuggling up on a cushion to watch TV with their humans, guinea pigs love the company of another.

Guinea pig models

Yes, it’s true, these lovely critters can make amazing models and we have guinea pigs for hire here at the agency. Believe it or not, guinea pigs can be trained to do little tricks and to learn their name, in a similar way to dog training, but it may take longer. With patience, repetition and treats, you can train your guinea pig. It’s not only fun but also builds and strengthens your relationship which is very rewarding.

Guinea pigs on social media

Guinea pigs are naturally very photogenic, with their small size, little noses and cute faces, they make great models. As any cavy owner knows, our camera rolls are full of photos of our guinea pigs. With their good looks teamed with bubbly personalities, guinea pigs can gain large followings across social media and therefore make great pet influencers. Pet influencers often are used within advertising, from endorsing brands and creating sponsored posts online, to featuring alongside actors in campaigns. This allows them to increase engagement with brands. As a nation of animal lovers, the use of pet influencers is a successful way of advertising for brands and is a great digital marketing tool.

Alan the Guinea Pig is one of our models and pet influencers and has a gained a large following on Instagram with his content. Alan is very charismatic, loves dressing up and poses for his photo to be taken. Why not check out his portfolio with us. You may want to rent a guinea pig for your next advertising campaign on social media.

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