Frogs on film
May 20, 2019

An Underappreciated Species


In the world of advertising and marketing if someone was to ask for an animal to be the face of their product you’d think of a dog or a cat, right?


Of course dogs, cats or even donkeys would bring the money in with their cute faces and happy smiles, but what if I told you there is one species that deserves time in the spotlight? That particular species is a frog.


Frogs aren’t necessarily the average everyday pet model but they do hold a special charm in their own individual way. Frogs are ideal if you’re looking to hire an exotic pet model who is trained and experienced. They come in a variety of different breeds (over 4,700 to be exact!)  and colours that would suit whatever the concept is.


Whether you’re shooting a skin advert and need a before picture of an unfortunate ugly frog or toad, or you need to hire a poisonous dart frog to promote something that is beautiful but deadly, then these tiny creatures truly are the way forward to a successful project.


There have been successful advertisements in the past that featured frogs such as Budweiser 1995 advert which has become one of the most well-known alcohol advert campaigns.

Budweiser Wikipedia


We think frogs are underappreciated and could potentially be featured in media in many different ways.  The potential is endless!


If you have a beautiful frog of your own and you want to tell the world about it, we are constantly looking for the next big star in the world of pet influencers, pet models and pet actors.   Get in touch with now.


if you are looking to hire or rent a frog,  you can select from the frogs that are available to hire on our website or get in touch with now.


With frogs being so interesting and unique, this particular animal would be perfect for the next big advertisement role.