Waffles – Lop Eared Rabbit
More information about this animal

Waffles, a lop-eared rabbit model. He is suitable for a variety of work including lifestyle photography, fashion editorial, advertising campaigns and more.

Waffles is a handsome pet model, with a white coat and splashes of grey. He is a curious boy, enjoying sniffing about and inspecting new things. Waffles loves nothing more than a nice cuddle with his owners.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

He is a calm rabbit, trained in basic obedience. He enjoys visiting new environments and will follow instruction from his handler with ease. Waffles can work with children upon an introduction.

A lop-eared rabbit is an excellent choice of model to work with due to their calm disposition. Waffles is no exception to his, he is not easily spooked and enjoys new experiences.


Basic Obedience
Happy to be handled
Can work with adults and children
Product placement

Rabbits In Media

Rabbits are amazing animals to work with, they can be trained just as well as dogs would you believe! Innocent Smoothie is known for using them in their advertisements, and they are fun loving and memorable.