Waffles – Lop Eared Rabbit
More information about this animal

This is Waffles, a trained lop-eared rabbit model with a cute button nose and a white and grey coat.
Suitable for a variety of work including lifestyle photography, fashion editorial, advertising campaigns and more.

A handsome pet model – Waffles has a white coat with splashed of grey throughout. He is a curious boy who enjoys sniffing around and exploring his environment. This Lop-eared bunny also enjoys inspecting any new items in his space. Waffles loves nothing more than a nice cuddle with his owners and is a highly social animal.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

With a calm nature and a strong grasp of basic obedience training, Waffles is a well-behaved rabbit. He is happy to follow commands from his owner. Waffles is more than happy to work with children once given a brief introductory period so that they can get to know them.

Lop-eared rabbits make for an excellent choice when looking for small models and actors to work with due to their calm disposition, and Waffles is no exception to his. A bombproof bunny – Waffles if not easily spooked or startled and even enjoys experiencing new places and people which can be difficult for some rabbits.


Basic Obedience
Happy to be handled
Can work with adults and children
Product placement

Rabbits In Media

Rabbits are incredibly popular animals with families owing to their small size, relative ease to take care of and of course their cute factor. Due to their popularity, they make for excellent additions and central focuses for marketing and advertising promotions given their ability to draw the eye in near any situation.