Toffee – Pony
More information about this animal

Introducing Toffee the handsome pony model. He has a stunning dark brown coat with a healthy and long mane and tail. Toffee has the distinctive features of a pony as he possesses the short legs, small ears and expressive, large eyes.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Toffee shares his home and lives with a variety of different animals including dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, reindeer, ducks and hens. He also lives among a string (which is the collective noun for ponies) of 19 ponies. This means that Toffee will be comfortable to work with a range of different animals whilst on set.

He is very sociable and enjoys being in the company of people. Toffee is very gentle and kind which is true to his breed, he is affectionate and friendly. This means that Toffee will be happy to work with a range of different animals on set.

True to his breed, this pony is known to be very smart. Toffee is constantly improving and learning new skills and commands every day. As of now, he has perfected a range of skills and is eager to learn more.


Happy to stand on a podium

Horse Acting/Modelling Experience

Toffee has a lot of experience being centre stage. He has been in a variety of outdoor pony shows, pony displays and pony performances. He has also worked inside onstage and in halls in front of large crowds.

This means that Toffee would be happy to work in an incredibly busy environment with lots of new people, other ponies and lots of loud sounds. Also, he is used to travelling to each show, therefore, would be happy to work in different locations.

Toffee is the perfect pony to use in any marketing campaigns or advertisement as he is very eager to please and would give an incredible performance no matter what job role he is given.