Toby – Welsh pony
More information about this animal

Introducing Toby, a male Welsh Section C pony. Born in 2008, he stands in at 12.2 hands, he is very athletic and loves to learn new skills.

Toby is a stunning chestnut colour and has a distinctive, striking white stripe down his nose. He also his white stockings (a white marking extending from the hoof as far as the knee or hock).

Pet Acting/Modelling Experience

He has a very good temperament and can be ridden by young children both on and off his lead or reins. This means that he is patient, calm and would be comfortable around children and adults of all ages.

Toby shares his home and lives with a variety of various animals including dogs, goats, sheep, pigs, reindeer, ducks and hens. He also lives among a string (which is the collective noun for ponies) of 19 ponies. This means that he will be happy to work with a range of different animals whilst on set.


Liberty Work (freedom training)
Happy to stand on a podium
Can be ridden by young children (both on and off lead)
Incredibly good at jumping

Horse Acting/Modelling Experience

Toby has had a lot of experience being in outdoor pony shows, pony displays and pony performances. He has also worked inside onstage and in halls in front of large crowds.

This means that he would be comfortable working in an incredibly busy environment with lots of new people, other ponies and lots of loud sounds. Also, Toby is used to travelling to each show, therefore, would be happy to work in different locations.

This pony actor is an amazing choice for any type of marketing campaign or advertisement media role. As he is the standard pony breed, he would be the perfect representation for any advert or campaign that shows the British countryside or just simply an advert involving various animal types.