Tigger – Meerkat
More information about this animal

Tigger, a handsome little meerkat model. He is suitable for pet modelling, advertising campaigns and more.

Tigger is a handsome little Meerkat with a huge personality! He is a fun little guy who loves to make friends and explore. Tigger meets adults and children every day as he participates in exotic animal visits. He is calm and comfortable with strangers and new environments.

This handsome boy has even dabbled in a dog agility course, and successfully completed it with the help of his incredible handlers guidance!

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Tigger is a brilliant example for Meerkats, as written above, he is a working boy, who meets lots of people. Tigger is an experienced model and will sit and hold a pose for the camera as long as some treats are ready and waiting!


Travels well
Will work with adults & children
Can work with animals
Product placement

Meerkats In Media

Meerkats are brilliant animals to use in advertising, they’re cute and quirky! One famous rolling advertisements that use them, of course, is Compare the Market, they are so popular because of the Meerkat being the face of the company, that they even have their own merchandise, which is the Meerkat teddies! These adverts use a CGI of the animal, but it would grab your viewers attention so much more if live animals were used.