The Alpaca Pals
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Meet the Alpaca Pals: Basil, Zircon, Orlando and Blitzen. These four Alpaca’s all live together and are available to go to events for any type of occasion.

The Alpaca Pals aim to bring an up-close and personal experience with these fluffy, loveable creatures.

This group of Alpacas are also therapy animals and are suitable to work around various people such as children and wheelchair users.

Alpacas are known for having beautifully long eyelashes and are gentle and loving animals. They are also adorable, docile and soft which makes them prized as pets around the world.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This group of stunning animals live with a variety of other animals such as horses,  dogs, cats, chickens, geese and ducks. Due to this, they will be more than comfortable around other animals whilst being out and about.

Since they are all extremely gentle with a very calm temperament, the Alpacas  are happy to be touched and will happily pose for pictures and possibly a selfie or two.

They participate in up, close and personal meet and greets in places such as care homes and schools. They also do a more personal one to one visit for those that can’t get out to see them. These Alpacas also do many educational visits in which their handler will provide information and facts about these brilliant creatures.

As they attend many different events including weddings and birthday parties, the four Alpacas are used to being around large groups of people, lots of noise and a busy atmosphere. This means that they are able to stay calm and content being in very busy surroundings no matter what the occasion or event.


Can work with children,
Can work with other animals,
Lead trained

Alpaca Acting/Modelling Experience

This group of animals have plenty of experience going to events and meet and greets. Therefore they would make an incredible option for a variety of different roles and occasions.  You can also hire an alpaca for your film, TV or advertising set.   They have recently worked in London city centre for the hugely popular The Zac and Jay Show.  For their first episode, Dinks and Orlando were guided around very crowded areas of London by Zac and Jay, testing out pet-friendly establishments.  This comedy episode is absolutely hilarious and well worth a watch.  It also shows the versatility of these wonderful Alpaca who work well in even the most difficult of environments. Their second episode saw them travel to the Sidemen Dragons Den, where Zac and Jay were looking for funding for their ADL (Alpaca Defence League).

These biddable animals are a real pleasure to work within a variety of modelling and acting roles.